Choose the plan that fits your needs

CV Direct Access

Direct Access to IT Talent for €200
Instantly purchase a CV and gain unblurred access to comprehensive details about the candidate’s skills and experience. Ideal for companies seeking quick insights without the commitment of hiring.

Price: Starting at €200 per CV.

Note: Purchasing a CV does not guarantee candidate placement. Multiple companies may purchase the same CV

Placement Service

Guaranteed IT Talent Placement
Looking for the perfect fit for your team? Our placement service guarantees that the candidate you choose will join your company. We take the hassle out of hiring, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.

Price: 15% of the candidate’s gross annual salary.

– Guaranteed candidate placement.
– Thorough matching process to ensure quality and fit.

Staff Leasing

Flexible IT Staffing Solutions
Leverage our staff leasing services for top IT talent, available for temporary assignments or projects. We provide the expertise; you enjoy the flexibility without the long-term commitments.

Price: 2.1 times the candidate’s hourly wage.

– Option to hire the candidate after one year.
– Ideal for short-term needs and project-based work.

Project-Based Service Fee

Tailored Solutions for Short-Term Projects
For companies with specific, short-term project needs, we offer a project-based service. Pay a service fee and gain access to the precise talent and expertise needed for the duration of your project.

Price:Starting at 5.5% of the project’s value.

– Cost-effective for short-term, specific project needs.
– Access to a wide range of IT professionals specialized in various fields.